New Year Party at Cartier: Fairy Tales by Charles Perrault


The New Year party at Cartier jewelry house was a true journey in the world of Charles Perrault’s fairy tales. The guests were greeted by Little Red Riding Hoods accompanied by an actual Wolf and The Cat in Boots wearing cute little boots specially made for it. They could wander around a beautiful garden to the sounds of a minuet, ending up in rose bushes and accidentally waking up the Sleeping Beauty. Boys were offered fencing lessons, while girls were invited to a fashion workshop to try on ball gowns and wigs, followed by a photoshoot. The true highlight of the event was a life-size gingerbread house, and few could pass by without tasting its sweet tiles.
Later that evening there was another party in store, this time for grownups, with Bluebeard, exquisite boudoir atmosphere, Spanish flies as a gift to the ladies, a smoking room with pipes of various tobacco samples, and a fashion workshop, which proved to be a wild success.