Hugo Boss & Jeremyville New Year Party

Hugo Boss

This year, the Hugo Boss New Year holiday showcases around the world have been designed by a New York-based artist, Jeremyville. Inspired by this collaboration, we came up with a relatable concept and ornaments for the Holiday tree at the Hugo Boss boutique in GUM. The work on the New Year’s décor was kept in strict confidence, so all we got for inspiration was a sketch of the visual identity of the project. This made our task even more challenging yet exciting, as we had to create an elegant and impressive space in tune with Jeremyville’s drawings using minimal starting data.
The end result was a whole amusement park for children. Our little guests mostly appreciated the carousel, a sandbox with multi-colored sand and a shooting range, as well as magicians, jugglers and live rabbits, a marshmallow constructor and the making of caramel Christmas tree ornaments. We really tried to make the childhood dreams come true and brighten up the holiday in Jeremyville style, which, we are proud to say, turned out to be spot on.