Toy Guests. A New Year Party at Mercury


Let the magic begin! The kids who came to this one-of-a-kind New Year party at DLT Shopping Arcade in St. Petersburg were in for a treat. They found a world of wonders, like a lawn made of thread with tiny live horses “grazing” on it, little trees made of pompoms and a parked play car. The guests were greeted by jolly residents of the toy land, who helped them to color the rainbow and climb up the ladder to glue stars onto the sky. The kids then decorated the holiday tree and made friends with fairy tale characters, the Teddy Bear, The Baby Elephant, The Mouse and the Piglet. Moving on, the attendees were invited to enjoy a lavish feast, with the treats served on a toy table.
The party was far from over. There were puzzles and quizzes to nail, and a play to watch in a toy parlor. The little guests could do fishing in a magic fountain with a magnetic fishing rod and make wishes that were sure to come true, this was a fairy land after all!