Amazing Cartier: Cocktail Party at Cartier Boutique


The final party at Cartier boutique in Stoleshnikov lane was filled with nostalgia and warm memories. Yet, this was also the start of a new, exciting chapter, as the boutique was soon to move to a new location. So the party was a swirl of retro-style fun, with a vintage circus, a gig by Tape Five from Dusseldorf, souvenir and sweets stands, traditional fair games, a chance to win a kiss of a beautiful young woman, and American-style treats turned into glamorous finger food, so that even the most sophisticated guests could not resist the temptation to join in the fun. They were happy to try on fake moustache, noses and hats, toss rings over bottle necks and throw rubber chickens in a pot, not to mention taking pictures against a hot-air balloon symbolizing the move to a new location.