Decorating Disney New Year Children Area at the Action! Charity Function

The Walt Disney Company
Bell arte   disney   4 dec  13

Once again we were honored to do work with Disney, our regular client, and decorate the children’s area at the Action! charity evening at Barvikha Luxury Village. It was inspired by the Cinderella fairy tale. The Cinderella castle took a big part of the space with a magic performance happening behind its façade – a shadow theater with Disney cartoon characters dancing in anticipation of Christmas miracles. Little spectators were welcome to try themselves at directing the play, all they had to do was to get backstage through a special archway in the façade. On top of the theater play they were offered to join a variety of workshops, try face painting, and enjoy a chill-out zone where they could sink into beanbag chairs and watch their favorite Disney cartoons on a large screen.