Designing the Back to School Fair at Four Seasons Gallery

TG Vremena Goda
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The Bell’Arte décor section is gaining momentum and attracting more clients. At the start of the new academic year, we designed the space for the annual Back to School fair at Four Seasons gallery on Kutuzovsky prospect. We turned the fair into something like a child’s dream where everything seems different – bigger than in real life and much more exciting.
The two big symbols of school studies are the blackboard and the desk. So, in the spotlight was an installation comprised of a massive blackboard, a giant chair and a supersized desk with equally large stationery. Children as well as adults could climb up a ladder and write or draw on the board – whatever their heart desired. It was fun to explore the installation, and it looked different from different angles, so it was definitely the center of attention and many visitors enjoyed playing with it and taking numerous photos. The children, in particular, had a great time climbing the giant chair and seeing the school and studying in a different light.