New Year Children’s Party with Tatler. White Fairy Tales


Of all parties in Moscow 2018, the New Year Children’s party at Tatler magazine residence turned out to be the most stylish and snowy. The rooms and halls of Spiridonov mansion were literally whelmed with ‘snow’ of different kind. Familiar images from winter fairy tales were very high tech: our little guests slid across the ‘ice’ floor and jumped into piles of ‘snow’ at the Snow Queen hall. The ‘snowed-up’ Queen’s throne was in much demand with kids eager to puzzle out ETERNITY with pieces of ice and be rewarded with the world and a pair of skates for good measure.

Another hall’s design was inspired by Mother Holle fairy tale by brothers Grimm. Its highlight was a giant bouncy bed. You must shake up the down-bed hard to make it snow on Earth! Our guests were happy to help and bounced high, and the higher they jumped, the stronger the foam ball blizzard got. There was much jumping at the Snow Maiden hall also, where kids eagerly leaped over a fake fire, as well as engaged in a less risky business of matreshka painting. And the ball room, with a towering Christmas tree, was now seized by Mistress of the Copper Hill, as little guests enjoyed making patterns with gem stones, mastering jewellery-making and decorating jewel boxes with strass. Children’s parents were also in for a treat, as New Year is a perfect occasion to look for treasures at the Mercury boutique!