Presentation of the Karusel TV channel for advertisers and partners


This special event was held at Imperial River Yacht Club on Strelka and for the occasion its space was filled with three-dimensional houses and the famous toy hosts of children TV shows. At the “Skillful Hands” stand, children made origami clothes and hung them on a clothesline. “Let’s Draw!” Workshop offered to master various drawing techniques, but the children much rather preferred painting graffiti all over the houses’ walls. And the true hit were the superstars and children’s all-time favorite toys hosts Khrusha and Philya peeking out of the wings that resembled a TV set. In the meantime, their parents enjoyed the TV channel presentation and a buffet reception. At the end of the evening the guests, both children and adults, enjoyed smashing a piñata in a shape of a soccer ball filled with candy.