Winter Adventures in Paris and Moscow. A New Year Party at Cartier


On December 14, the flagship Cartier boutique on Petrovka was celebrating New Year in a small family circle. Over two hundred people, friends of Cartier house with families and children, enjoyed the biggest winter holiday, this time the Russian and French way. There were bagels, caramel, ice slide, and carousel, as well as mummers, traveling circus artists, live fir trees, round dances and snowballs made of white velvet. Under the falling snowflakes, children would make traditional French paper toys and Russian thread dolls, while their parents admired Cartier jewelry pieces.
Boutique assistants dressed in fur muffs helped the guests to write their letters to Santa. Towards the end of the evening, the party hosts – Tatyana Torchilina (director of the boutique), Santa Claus and Per Noel gathered the guests to do a round dance to the sounds of French and Russian New Year music hits. And, naturally, no one left without presents!