Presentation of Vertu Constellation Smartphone


It’s English. One-of-a-kind, handmade and unsurpassed in quality. Guests of the new Vertu Constellation smartphone launch had the privilege of exploring and appreciating the uniqueness of the brand. The British Ambassador’s residence on Sofiyskaya embankment opened its doors to thirty guests, immersing them in the spirit of old England. The guests were greeted by dancers from Vertu advertising photos, and Massimiliano Poliani, president of the company, presented the new smartphone in an informal setting.
After dinner, the guests were led to an arch of flying butterflies and treated to traditional English tea at a “magic” table overgrown with grass, from the depths of which came the singing of birds and the sounds of rain and wind, mixed with the sounds of Vertu ringtones. Titanium, pieces of genuine leather, sapphire glass and even the smallest parts assembled by hand were served on saucers, in porcelain tea cups and jam bowls, so that the true connoisseurs could learn the secrets of English craftsmen. Old English traditions live on in the magical world of Vertu, which we carefully recreated.