Wonderful Arcade


“Miracles began!” After saying this magic passphrase kids appear in the “Wonderful Arcade”. The Master of Ceremonies will let them in and will award each of them with a coin from an old cash register, because our Arcade is a magic shop of vintage toys. Each child will find what he likes here – toys for girls and toys for boys: Victorian era dollhouse with all the tiny utensils and the beauties living in it; railroad, little tin soldiers and models of famous ships… To really feel the spirit of a bygone era, the girls will visit barber shop, where they will have their hair curled and pleached in fancy braids and decorated with velvet ribbons. In the fashion atelier the young fashionistas will be offered to try on collars, cuffs, skirts and dresses, cut, yes indeed!, from paper, but looking perfectly lacy and real and creating a corresponding “old style “ mood. Meanwhile the boys will choose a shield and a sword in our armory workshop, and then the teacher of fencing will give them a fencing lesson. Kids will have plenty of fun playing the old games like “trifles”, “fleas” and “cup-and-ball”. After the games, there will be a performance for everyone – a puppet show “Town in the Snuffbox,” based on the tale of Vladimir Odoevskiy. Then Father Frost will come with gifts and together with the employees of the Arcade he will sing old Christmas carols to children. In the end the magical Christmas story, our little guests will be presented with a real, tasty gingerbread house with candles.

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