Snow Factory

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If all the children of the city, in which Willy Wonka lived, wanted to visit the chocolate factory, then all the children of Moscow promise their parents to be good for a whole year only to be taken to the Snow Factory. Snow Factory is not just a party. It’s an animated tale. Toy town with hovering over it white fluffy clouds and flying rabbits on the balloons. It’s snowing with sweet snow, from which you can make the most delicious snowballs in the world with scrumptious berries in the middle. It’s a pillow fight with fluffy balls in the snow fortress. The endless fields of sugar powder with various footprints in the snow, including the footprints of the white rabbits that work on the snow factory. And it’s a unique opportunity to make snow in a laboratory. It’s an airy light show about the snow and many-many more white, sweet and magical things – everything that is so loved by children and even the adults. Snow Factory is a revival of nobility traditions of family celebrations in the interiors of old Moscow mansions. Celebrations when adults and children all together write letters to Santa Claus, and then in an old castle, inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s sketches, they load weightless paper snow and send it on a journey via toy railroad, and everywhere around are white workshops where they can learn to cut out lacy paper snowflakes, to full snowballs out of felt, and to enliven sweet snowmen.

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