Peter Pan

Sto 6865

Following Peter Pan, children will enter the fairy tale right through an open window. On the other side of the window there will be thrilling adventures in magical “Neverland.” Peter Pan will blow golden pollen on each guest and then they can take their “flying” journey. Children will be met by different heroes of the story, and each hero will have his own contest, game or entertainment to offer – a boy from the gang of Lost Boys will compete with kids in target shooting, the mermaid will arrange a race of little clockwork mermaids, pirates will teach them how to throw rope rings on hooks, as the Captain Hook did humself, and the Indians will teach them to play drums. Along with Tinkerbell girls will decorate little doll houses with colours, flowers and ribbons. After each contest the fairy heroes will award children with treasures in memory of themselves, which our little travellers will collect into special chests given to them at the entrance. The treasures are: bird feathers, acorns, tiny jars with the magical golden pollen for flying, sea stars and chocolate coins.

And then a whirlwind of golden stars will take all children home to their parents.

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