Maria Broytman and Ivan Parfenov Wedding

Private clients

Bell'arte is not a wedding agency as such, but we were delighted toa ccept Maria Broytman and Ivan Parfenov's offer to organise their wedding since they have a delicate sense of beauty and are kindred spirits. The future newly weds asked us to unite the Jewish wedding traditions with the trends of a modern secular party into one event, making their celebration unusual, stylish and memorable. Thinking of a theme for the wedding we were inspired by Shakespear’s “Midsummer Night’s Dream”. The venue of the wedding, Erikhson Mansion, was transformed into a mysterious enchanted forest. Miracles greated guests right on the doorstep: the heavy grand doors of this 19th century building were opened by a porter wearing an asses head and dressed in a tail-coat. Guests walked the red carpet and entered a maze of magical images: rooms covered with ivy, moss and roses; creeping fog; golden silhouettes of elves; dim mysterious blue light of spotlights, which created the atmosphere of a cool summer night; swings entwined with evergreen leaves; colorful, steaming and bubbling love potions, drinks served in glasses with incredible forms; a large glowing half moon lent a romantic air; watercolour like scenery adorned the stage for the marriage ceremony. Even the bridesmaids became real forest fairies on that magical evening. We made the wedding very rich, not only visually, but emotionally. After the religious ceremony under the Chuppah, accompanied by the performance of the renowned Klezmer group, the guests participated in traditional Jewish wedding entertainments.
Instead of specially invited stars in the entertainment programme, our plan consisted of a specially devised assortment of surprises, prepared by friends and family members of the newly weds. It was really warm, fun and emotional. We succeeded to make the main event in the life of Mary and Ivan really unique and special, and many gossip columns named that party one of the most beautiful weddings of the year.