Rocket Man for Metrium Group

Metrium Group
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The Metrium group corporate party was scheduled for the beginning of December. At this darkest time of year what people crave is light! And color. And music. So, we made sure there was plenty of light, as well as color, all flavored with fabulous music. Our dazzling party swirled around the sunny Elton John and his Yellow Brick Road. One step along the yellow brick road and you plunge right into a musical whirlpool in a space full of shiny reflections and splashes of champagne.
To capture the most exciting moments of the evening we arranged a photoshoot session with paillette hats, stylish glasses, neckpieces and even a makeup room. Naturally, the highlight was the iconic image of flying Elton, and as expected, few guests missed the chance to fly with the maestro. No need to worry, it was a smooth flight and a soft landing!