Cartier «Love charity» high jewellery dinner


One of Cartier’s traditional high jewellery dinners was, this time, held in the famous Igumnov House. The pseudo-Russian style architecture of the residence of the French ambassador defined the theme of the event –that of Russian folklore. Welcome cocktails were accompanied by a performance of the vocal sextet Man Sound who performed traditional folk songs in jazz arrangements. The Russian theme continued after dinner during the showing of the jewellery collection. The sound design for the catwalk, a remix of Russian songs performed by the folk ensemble Dmitry Pokrovsky, was created especially for the event. The models were dancers who wore sundresses embossed with decorations and pieces of jewellery from the new collection, interspersed with antique ornaments. At the end of the evening all the guests were given themed gifts: birch bark baskets with strawberries and a small bouquet of wildflowers.