Cartier Christmas «Mad Tea Party»


What could possibly be more mysterious or more interesting than to become the hero of a fairy tale for New Year? Try a magic potion labelled ‘drink me’ and take a bite of the pie with the sign ‘eat me’, be reduced to the size of the mouse, then grow to the height of the ceiling and finally to attend a mad tea party with characters from ‘Alice in Wonderland’ – at the Cartier boutique all the little guests at the celebration were able to experience all of this for themselves. Children visited a ‘mirror’ cube full of mysterious holes, from which protruded hands in cuffs and lace to put wonderful face paint on the guests. Then began a series of incredible transformations, culminating in a performance of Lewis Carroll’s famous fairy tale. The story which was drawn onto huge pieces of paper, cut and glued together in front of the astonished guests was prepared by artists from the Dmitry Krymov Laboratory specifically for Cartier.