Cartier Christmas party «Snow fairy tale»


The duty of every child is to master the art snow making! That's exactly why the "Snow manufactory" opened its doors on New Year eve. Younger guests at the Cartier flagship boutique attended four workshops where craftsmen were able to pass on all their wisdom about all things connected to snow. In the first workshop the children learned to cook sweet snowballs from berries and powdered sugar and used a white chocolate fountain for cooking. The kids were able to decorate the huge white cake with “foot prints” of different winter animals. In the next workshop the guests were dancing a “dance of snowflakes” and a master class was given on creating white figures from paper. Well, for the penultimate journey of the snow manufactory, children visited the snowy city which, with their own hands, was repeatedly broken down and rebuilt. The final chapter of this magical evening was a Christmas fairy tale based on biblical stories played out inside a white paper cube using slides and light- shadow effects to create a magical performance.