Bell'Arte Christmas party «Snow Manufactory» in Baryshnikov's mansion


White. Fluffy. Snow. You want to eat it. Play Snowballs. Make a snowman. Most of all you want to know where it comes from. In order to discover the answer to this question, the children went on an interactive tour. At the beginning, the guests paid a visit to the small town where snow is created. Boys participated in loading paper snow onto carts and wagons using vintage machinery, while the girls worked in the snow cafe and looked after the residents of the town, the snow hares. After that they went to one of the many workshops where they learned to create their own snow: paper, felt, clay and other materials; white, sweet snowball of berries and powdered sugar and created real snow through chemical experiments. Those boys and girls who were particularly bold were able to participate in a huge snow fight, hiding in a fortress of pillows and pelting the enemy with soft snowballs. The celebration was completed by a puppetplay performance created specifically for the project "Snow Manufactory."