Cartier Christmas party «Travel to English fairy tales»


Visit Winnie the Pooh, be in Neverland with Peter Pan, wave to Mary Poppins departing under her umbrella, is it possible to do it all almost simultaneously? The young guests at Cartier's jewelry boutique were given this very opportunity. The space was divided into three zones, each of which held one of the classic English fairy tales with their favourite characters. For the evening the boutique's library was reincarnated into an auditorium, where the artists of the theatre of painters (Dmitry Krymov Laboratory) showed three magical stories. Artists in front of the children cut, glued and painted a huge story into the pages of a huge book.Children dressed up the cow crocodile, who stole the clock from Big Ben, with Christmas tree toys. Crocodile transformed into Christmas tree and then Santa Claus came with gifts.